Four Sixes Taxis in Chorley is the name to trust, we were the first Chorley Taxi company, founded back in 1970. With so many years of experience in the transport industry, we understand what you need.

In 2019 we made the largest taxi acquisition in Chorley to date by purchasing Four Fours Taxis, Star Cars and Eccleston Private Taxi Firm which are also house name in Chorley.

In 2021, Four Sixes Group purchased a further smaller six taxi companies, making us having the largest taxi portfolio in Lancashire.

Let us deliver the service you deserve:


Door-to-door service that provides a wide range of travel solutions for Chorley.


Reliable and cost effective.


Accurate pick up and drop off locations.

Prompt arrival in branded and clean vehicles.
A wide range of different sized taxis.
24-hour taxi service.
Airport transfers.
Honest dispatch system.
Easy ways to book a cab – in person, send an email, on the phone or via an app.
Safety and comfort.
Professional drivers who maintain strict guidelines in which to operate.
Corporate taxi accounts.
Regular journey taxi accounts.

What Makes Our Customers Book Our Local Chorley Taxis?

Our aim is to change the future of mobility by moving ahead of the times. Four Sixes is an innovative, forward-thinking taxi company that recognizes the need to move with our customer needs. Our philosophy is based on service, and an awareness that communication is a key component in our business.

Our pricing is 100% transparent, meaning you’ll never pay more than your original quote with us. With no hidden extras. Ever.

We have smart offices based in central Chorley. The kettle is always on and our base operators are ready for action at all times. Drop in for an instant minicab, book through our taxi app, call a cab from your landline or pre-set your mobile with Four Sixes Taxi contact details.

Four Sixes Online Taxi Booking System for Chorley

We use a leading taxi booking and dispatch system to match our years of experience and knowledge in the taxi industry. This ability to make your booking online not only saves you valuable time and money, but also allows you to amend your booking should you need to. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One of the reasons of our success is due to our bespoke designed booking system. DataMaster is the most efficient cloud-based booking system which understands the exact needs of the taxi trade. It offers full visibility of each vehicle so we can dispatch jobs quickly and honestly. We pride ourselves on offering the best value taxi service so you can rest assured that you won’t encounter any unexpected costs when you use our instant online booking facility. In keeping with our wish for future greater sustainability, we chose this system due to our provider being based in nearby Warrington and we believe in supporting local.

Modern Management

With an innovative team at the helm since 2016, Four Sixes continues to develop as Chorley’s leading taxi provider. Our taxis cover millions of miles across the UK each year.

We want to contribute to our local economy by providing a first-class transport and delivery service. In addition, we aim to help create employment opportunities in Chorley.

Our goal for 2023 is to establish a Four Sixes charity so we are in a position to be able to help those people in our local community who have faced adversity in their lives .”  Mr S Malik, Director



Our mission statement remains firm: ‘Since the 1970’s, getting people to their destinations safely has been our number one priority’. This was recently highlighted in an article published by the leading trade newspaper in the UK for the private hire and hackney carriage industry; PHTM (Private Hire and Taxi Monthly). Read here.

Four Sixes Taxis – Travel Ready

Our fleet of taxis are comfortable and well equipped to transport you wherever you need to be. You can choose the most appropriate size of vehicle for your needs from our wide range of taxis. This includes executive vehicles for the ultimate luxury and estate cars for families and larger groups.



Shaz (Managing Director)
A.K.A. “Professor”


Ayaz (Marketing)
A.K.A. “The Creator”


Aky (Accounts)
A.K.A. “Roadrunner”


Shak (Fleet Manager) A.K.A. “Taxi King”


Have You Got Drive?

Our world is changing in the way we live, work and move. We continue to ensure that Four Sixes is a workplace where everyone is encouraged and enabled to succeed.

We train all our staff in real-world experience. In our opinion, learning through performing is the way forward. Four Sixes taxi drivers and base operators remain our priority. You can count on 24/7 support and emergency assistance so you can focus on your opportunity. Shaz Malik philosophy remains simple:

“Treat everyone with respect and never look down anyone unless you’re helping them”.

Our office-based team have adjustable ambient lighting to suit your needs during shifts. State-of-the-art docking stations are enhanced with a giant 65” screen to monitor mapping and track vehicles. A fully equipped kitchen allows for the all-important brews to be prepared.

Jobs Opportunities At Four Sixes Taxis, Chorley


Due to business demand, we are looking for part-time and full-time polite and well-presented drivers to join our team. Full job training will be given. Roles are based in and around Chorley. If you’re ready to move and apply for a rewarding position, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Our goal is to create a workplace that is inclusive and reflects the diversity of Chorley. We welcome everyone, regardless of race, sex, colour and religion. We are conscious that our small piece of the globe leads to better representation and improved sense of belonging. We will continue to move forward with racial and social equality