Future of Taxis

The world of taxis continues to change. Elon Musk of Tesla predicts a future robotaxi network with electric vehicles that can park and plug in themselves using self-driving technology. Whilst it’s clear that a fleet of robotaxis arriving in Chorley has some distance to go, payment changes are happening now.

Although you are currently available to pay some taxi fares with cryptocurrency, they do not yet have the consumer protection concepts that match traditional card methods. According to business insiders there are two Companies joining forces and supporting each other’s technology to make safe, quick crypto transactions possible. HIPS Payment Group Ltd, a provider of innovative e-commerce and mobile payment solutions has recently announced their partnership with The Payment House. Together, they will assist payment with cryptocurrency for over 10,000 taxis in the UK. The roll out for providing customers with convenient payment methods with real-time transaction speeds is planned for November 2021. Watch this space!

Today, UK taxis are as iconic as red post boxes. Four Sixes Taxis are proud to continue the tradition of driving people from A to B.